Dental Bridges in Hamilton, OH

A dental bridge is an exceptional restoration that bridges the gap in your smile caused by one or more missing teeth. The bridge consists of two dental crowns on either side with a false tooth in between called a “pontic”. The abutment crowns are bonded to natural teeth on each side of the gap. This creates a solid, durable unit that looks and functions like natural teeth. At David Kirkpatrick DDS, our dentist can help determine if a bridge is a good option for you based on your oral health needs. 

Types of Dental Bridges

Cantilever Bridges

Traditional bridges use abutments placed on adjacent natural teeth, but cantilever bridges use dental implants. The dental implant is surgically inserted into the jawbone under the gum line, and the tissue is allowed to heal around it before the bridge is attached. This type of bridge offers several benefits over traditional ones. 

Maryland Bridges

A Maryland bonded bridge is a type of fixed dental restoration that replaces one or more missing teeth. The pontic replaces the missing tooth and is fused to a metal or porcelain framework attached to the back of the adjacent teeth on either side of the gap. The bridge is then attached to the crowns to create a solid and durable restoration.

Traditional Bridges

A traditional bridge is a custom restoration that replaces one missing tooth or several in a row and is held in place by the natural teeth on either side of the gap. Since the bridge attaches to both teeth, it prevents the shifting of the surrounding teeth, leading to further tooth loss. Traditional bridges can be made from metal alloys, porcelain fused to metal, or all-ceramic materials. 

The Advantages of Dental Bridges

With a dental bridge, you can chew, speak, and smile with confidence again. A fixed dental bridge is a fixture that is attached to the neighboring teeth to support the replacement tooth or teeth. This option is ideal for patients missing one to three consecutive teeth. Bridgework can correct missing teeth and give your smile a beautiful restoration at the same time.

A bridge is a permanent prosthetic solution for replacing missing teeth. Several factors must be considered before a patient selects a bridge to correct tooth loss's aesthetic and functional problems. For example, some bridges are better suited to replace one missing tooth, while others are more appropriate for replacing multiple missing teeth in a row.

Dental bridges are an excellent option for patients who are missing one to three teeth in a row, but they may not be suitable for everyone. Visit David Kirkpatrick DDS at 870 NW Washington Blvd Suite A, Hamilton, OH 45013, or call (513) 868-3600 to learn more about dental bridges.

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